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Qianhu Forum

Qianhu Forum designs for the teachers and students of exchanging academic ideas. To enrich the campus culture life, enliven campus cultural academic atmosphere, increase the teachers and students’ knowledge, broaden their vision, improve their taste, and cultivate creative talents better, the School decides to open NCU weekend forum “Qianhu Forum”. The Forum invites lots of famous scholars and professors to deliver lectures, which gives the good influence to all the audiences.

Qianhu Concert

Qianhu Concert is also called Weekend Concert, which provides the teachers and students of NCU a fresh and new audio-visual feast. Not only can the audiences appreciate the wonderful performances, but also they can learn the relative knowledge.

Qianhu Poetry Club

Qianhu Poetry Club is a great place where the students exchange their ideas about the nature or world. The Club organizes activities regularly, the awarded contributed poems and the poems of the ancient Masters will be chosen for appreciation.

Qianhu Art Stage

Qianhu Art Stage gives the students wonderful opportunities to show themselves. Its topic is “autumn in October, bloom of youth, fly dreams”, and the students who are interested can apply to the competition, program selection includes Song, Cross-talk, Opera, Dance, Recitation, Instrumental music and Magic, etc. This Stage has a great help to enrich NCU campus life.

Qianhu Lectures for Faculty Members

Qianhu Lectures for Faculty Members aim to explore personnel training with NCU characteristic, lead teachers actively to devote to teaching reform and practice, and raise the level of teaching and the quality of talent cultivation. It fills the void that no special lectures for faculty members in NCU. Qianhu Lectures hold monthly and will invite academicians, teachers of national level and other leading academics and experts to give the teachers and students in NCU an educational cultural feast.

Postgraduate Forum

Postgraduate Forum is thoughtful, academic, recreational and daily living, in which the postgraduate students can interactive freely, express their opinions, give full play to their professional knowledge, and communicate with others about thoughts and academic in a relatively relaxing environment.

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