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Time: At 09:30 on September 14 (Thursday)

Place: Humanities Building B229

Lecturer: Hu Hongjie

Hosted by: Social Science Division, School of Humanities

Profile of Lecturer:

Hu Hongjie, professor and doctoral supervisor of School of Information Resource Management of Renmin University of China, editor in chief of magazine agency, taking concurrent positions of Vice Chairman of China Higher Education Secretaries, member of Compilation Committee of Chinese Archives Society. His major research orientations are basic theory of archives science, office business, project development and management. He presided over national social science foundation project Study on Occupational Situation and Development Tendency of Archives, led the compilation of series of books of Classics of Archives Science, published several masterpieces like To make the ugly beautiful—Analysis of Chinese Archives Science, Dimension and Realm: Collection of Random Thoughts on Management, and published more than 300 papers.