Reverse Globalization Trend and Chinese Enterprise Transformation and Transfer

Report Title: Reverse Globalization Trend and ChineseEnterpriseTransformation and Transfer

Time: At 14:30pm on September 27 (Wednesday)

Place: Room 201 of Foreign Economic Building

Lecturer: Zhong Changbiao

Hosted by Social Science Division,SchoolofEconomicsand Management

Profile of Lecturer:

Zhong Changbiao, PhD, Chair Professor of Yunnan University of Finance and Economics, doctor supervisor, selected as the distinguished professor of Yangtze River Scholar of Ministry of Education in 2012, Dean of School of Business, Director of International Business Institute, key academic leader of international trade inZhejiangProvince, national model worker, excellent postdoctor ofZhejiangProvince. First-level talent ofZhejiang151 project, consultancy expert of philosophy and social science inZhejiangProvince, honorary Dean of School of Business ofNingboUniversity. He is mainly engaged in the teaching and scientific research of international trade, regional economics and spatial economics, has presided over and completed two national philosophy and social science fund projects and seven provincial and ministerial level projects of Zhejiang natural science, philosophy and social science planning, and etc., and he is currently presiding over one national natural science fund project and one Zhejiang provincial major project in philosophy and social science; he won the top domestic academic award in international trade—An Zijie International Trade Monograph Award, won Zhejiang Provincial Philosophy and Social Science Achievement Award twice, and won Higher Institution Humanities and Social Science Achievement Award twice. He is the author of ten monographs like International Trade and Regional Development, International Trade Theory in Micro Perspective, Study of the Impact of China’s Regional Market Segmentation in Transformation Period on International Competitiveness, Research on China-ASEAN Economic Integration, New Development of Knowledge Economy and International Economy, Development Strategy of China’s Regional Economy in the 21st Century, and so on; and he has published more than 100 academic papers in dozens of academic publications like Social Sciences in China, The Journal of World Economy, China & World Economy, Social Sciences in China, Management World, The Journal of Quantitative & Technical Economics, Finance & Trade Economics, Chinese Rural Economy, China Soft Science, China Industrial Economics, Economic Perspectives, Journal of International Trade, and so on.