Literature Activities of Young Engels and the Contemporary Significance

Report Title: Literature Activities of Young Engels and the Contemporary Significance

Time: At 09:30am on October 22 (Sunday)


Lecturer: Zhang Yongqing

Hosted by Social Science Division,School of Humanities

Profile of Lecturer:

Zhang Yongqing, Doctor of Arts, doctor supervisor of Literature and Art Major in School of Literary Studies of Renmin University of China, academic leader of Literature and Art; Vice President and Secretary General of National Study Society of Marxist Leninist Works on Literature; Editor-in-chief of Photocopy Resources of Renmin University of China Theory of Literature and Art. Major research fields include Marxist literary theory, western modern literary theories and aesthetics. Main academic works are Post-Marxism Reader, Basic Issues of Phenomenology and Western Modern Aesthetics. Major academic papers are Sociological Perspective of Author Identity for 30-year Reform and Opening-up, On Dilemma and Outlet of Marxist Literary Criticism, Discourse Form Construction of Contemporary Marxist Literary Theory from the Perspective of “Western Marxist” Literary Theory, On the Contemporary Form of Marxist Literary Criticism, Question and Thinking: 30-year Research on Domestic Ingarden Literary Theory, Cultural Turn of Marxist Literary Criticism, Theoretical Foundation and Problem Frame, Socialist Literature and Art Are Not Supposed to Get Lost in the Market Economic Tide – Learn from General Secretary Xi Jinping’s Speech in Literature and Art Symposium, Author in the Course of History, Pre-history Form of Theory of Marxist Criticism, Theory of Marxist Criticism in the Era Circumstances, Reconsideration of Engels’ “Viewpoint of Aesthetics and History” and Relevant Issues, and etc.