Stay Strong China! We’re Always with You! Hand-painted Picture Poster of International Students in NCU Supporting China’s Anti-COVID-19

During the COVID-19 epidemic, the Center of Chinese Language Association for International Education of NCU held a special event. Holding the activities online via the Wechat group of the association instead of gathering in a classroom to carry out activities as usual makes the event special, and the activity theme of little solemnness also makes it special.

But solemnness and difficulties won’t last long. “Be strong China!”; “Be Strong Wuhan!”; “Let’s face it together!”; “Don’t worry, we’re with you!”; “China, we’re always with you!” Those words of power on the hand-painted works express the wishes of international students. In this way, they expressed their support for China’s fight against COVID-19.





Be strong China!

We’re always with you!

Let’s get over the tough time together!