I Am A Foreigner, But I’m No Way An Outsider

The Covid-19 epidemic in China not only affects the hearts of Chinese people all over the country, but also receives much attention from many foreign friends. In recent times, foreign students and overseas graduated alumni of Nanchang University have been closely following the situation of the epidemic and showed their supports to China in their own ways. At this time of challenging, those who once studied and lived in China for a long time or those who are currently living in China, have shown their deep love towards this land. And they are determined to stand together with Chinese people to overcome the difficulties.

Waleed Mohammed Hamood AL-DUMAINI from Yemen is a postgraduate student of Nanchang University. This young man has been studying and living in China for more than 10 yeas and he already considered China as his second hometown. When the epidemic outbreak hit China, he chose to stay while a lot of his fellowmen decided to go back home. He made this choice because he has strong faith in China that the epidemic will be controlled and the difficult time will pass. “I am a foreigner, but I’m no way an outsider.” the words he posted on his WeChat moments touched many people.


Abdul Haseeb Khan from Pakistan, also known as WANG Xu for his Chinese name, is a PhD student in Biology of Nanchang University. After China taking measures to fight against Covid-19, Wang posted a very long “letter” in his WeChat moments, in which he wrote “ My dear family and friends, Please don’t worry about me. I’m absolutely fine and being taken good care of.” and “ Go China! Go Wuhan!”


Ratna, also known as PENG Manrou for her Chinese name, the Chairman of Nanchang University Indonesian Alumni Association and Master of Translation Studies of Class 2015, said that “ After all the years I’ve been in China, I have felt the tenacious spirit of Chinese people. I’m truly sorry for this epidemic and hope it will end as soon as possible.I’m willing to stand by the side of China and overcome this difficult time together.”


Another Indonesian alumnus Ckhalik Djirimu, also known as LI Kaifeng, said “ We love China, our hearts are with you.”


There are many more of those warm and gentle voices...


The outbreak of Covid-19 across China not only strikes the hearts of the 1.4 billion Chinese people but also those teachers and students working and studying in overseas Confucius Institutes established by Nanchang University.

We are constantly thinking of our homeland in our hearts,

Though being thousand miles away with mountains and seas in between.

Gold and silver may be priced yet the righteousness is priceless,

The calamity is merciless yet it brings out the warmth of humanity.

Be it a Chinese teacher who cares for the motherland or a foreign student with a different skin color, each and everyone of them is always paying close attention to the epidemic situation in China and using their own ways to support China.


Students of Confucius Institute at University of Hasanuddin, Indonesia showed their support to China


Students of Confucius Institute at University of Castilla-La Mancha, Spain showed their support to China


Students of Chinese Calligraphy Senior Class of Confucius Institute at University of Poitiers, France showed their support to China