Students of the Joint Education Program with QMUL Took Their First Online Class

Rustling autumn wind, cool and refreshing weather can not stop the learning passion of students of Queen Mary College, a college that runs the joint education program in the with Queen Mary, University of London (QMUL) . The first class of the international joint programme clinical medicine (biomedicine) of Queen Mary College started smoothly on September 21.


The college attaches great importance to the foreign teaching work of the international joint programme during the epidemic prevention and control period, making scientific planning and careful organization, and formulating the implementation plan of online teaching, providing high-tech international teaching facilities, high performance, high stability and smooth teaching network so as to comprehensively guarantee every student’s online learning.


In order to further ensure the learning quality of the students’ international joint programme in this semester and improve the students’ learning satisfaction, Queen Mary College, based on the online teaching last semester, summarized the experience with Queen Mary University of London, explored the online teaching methods and improved the online teaching technology. This semester, students are organized to conduct collective online teaching activities by means of the collaborate online teaching platform and the Voov online meeting software so that the students can directly discuss and answer questions online with UK teachers.


Through the intensive online learning on the first day, both UK teachers and the students recognized the teaching method, and expressed that it basically achieved the effect of offline classroom teaching.