“Cloud Classroom” of School of Economics and Management Support the Building of A Learning Society

With 259 courses and 7 cloud teaching platforms been used simultaneously, and more than 11,573 students studying online. In order to actively cope with the impact of Covid-19 on teaching, School of Economics and Management opened its online classes of spring semester on February 17, 2020 as scheduled. Since then, through adjusting and optimizing courses structure and with application of various network information channels, “Suspending Classes without stopping learning and teaching” has been achieved.

From the beginning of online teaching, School of Economic and Management immediately set up an on-line teaching work leadership team. According to the characteristics of different majors, the school guided teachers to adopt on-line teaching methods, with the online teaching platform of the university as the main method, MOOC of Chinese Universities, Zhihuishu and other platforms as optional choices and by adopting WeChat, QQ, TikTok as well as Ding Talk to communicate with students. At the same time, we deepened the construction of education system including class presidents, counselors, supervisors of postgraduate and undergraduate students during this special period and asked teachers to pay more attention to students, especially students in Hubei area, and strengthen their psychological counseling. For some students from families with financial difficulties, a "love flow acceleration package" has been launched to provide guarantee for normal online classes for students.



School of Economics and Management has also been committed to providing more and better-quality teaching resources to serve the society and help to build a "learning society". Professor Liu Yaobin’s team has worked closely with Professor Lin Yifu's team from the Institute of New Structural Economics at Peking University to create online shared courses such as "New Structural Regional Economics" and "New Structural Resources and Environmental Economics", which highlight the original economic theories with Chinese characteristics. More than 900 students have taken those on-line courses, with a cumulative click volume of more than 45,000. Among them, Chaoxing, with forms of demonstration teaching and one-button class building, which is convenient and fast, has completed more than 40 courses outside the university. MOOC of Chinese Universities is a flexible and active open class platform for students, and a series of courses of "New Structural Economics" co-formed with Peking University were taken by over 600 students in the three weeks since they were online. The Zhihuishu is in the form of facilitating the class management of teachers from our university and other universities, including 7 universities such as University of International Business and Economics, Jinan University and Inner Mongolia University, with a total of more than 300 people taking online courses at this platform.


Through grasping the five key links of online teaching and planning a smooth connection between current online teaching and offline teaching after ahead of time, the School of Economics Management has ensured the continue of teaching progress and teaching quality. The teaching of various courses in all grades has been carried out in an orderly manner; the teaching forms have been varied and the contents been wonderful. Students have been active and earnest to learn, thus opening up a new "Cloud classroom" mode of home study in the new semester.