Second Affiliated Hospital of Nanchang University Successfully Rescued A Critical Covid-19 Patient

On March 8, at the Z15 sector in Intensive Care Unit of the Tumor Center of Wuhan Union Hospital affiliated to Tongji Medical College of Huazhong University of Science and Technology, the national medical assistance team supporting Central China’s Hubei province sent by the Second Affiliated Hospital of Nanchang University timely and successfully rescued a critical Covid-19 affected patient with massive gastrointestinal hemorrhage and brought him back from the verge of death.


“Hurry up! The patient of Bed 11-1 is vomiting blood again! !” Around 11 am, the nurse on duty shouted loudly. Two doctors on duty, Zhang Xinyi, the deputy Chief Physician of respiratory and critical care medicine department, and Lu Peng, the deputy Chief Physician of intensive cardiac care unit, who are both from the Second Affiliated Hospital of Nanchang University rushed to the bedside of the patient right away to check the situation.

This patient was diagnosed with been affected by corona virus, with medical history of alcoholic cirrhosis and esophageal varices and five times of rupture hemorrhage in the past year. This morning , the patient’s condition worsened again, vomiting about 1500 ml of blood, experiencing fast heart rate and low blood pressure at 70/40mmHg. The patient showed shock symptoms of indifference and drowsiness. The  doctors and nurses on duty performed rescue at once while calling Gong Yuanqi, the Deputy Director of the medical assistance team, who then immediately reported to the team leader Xu Jianjun.

Under such an urgent situation, Xu Jianjun quickly gave instructions of sending four members of the Young Pioneer team, Gong Yuanqi, Du Xiaohong, He Xianju, and Huang Shen’an to the ward to participate in the rescue. Rescue was directed by Gong Yuanqi, while Ding Lan, the head nurse of the Department of Cardiology, and TAN Wei, the head nurse of department of hepatobiliary surgery of the Second Affiliated Hospital of Nanchang University, were also participated in the rescue.

When arriving at the intensive care unit, the team members immediately performed active anti-shock treatments including hemostasis, expansion, and hypertension on the patient. However, during this special period of epidemic, Wuhan Union Hospital did not have the means for endoscopy and corresponding treatment, so Gong Yuanqi decided to perform a sengstaken-blackmore tube catheterization at once to stabilize the patient's condition.

Before, He Xianju had already asked the hospital to prepare a sengstaken-blackmore tube in the ward when he learned that this patient had been admitted. Gong Yuanqi also placed a central venipuncture tube on the patient in advance on March 6. The timely, accurate prediction of the patient's condition and the well-organized emergency plan strongly safeguarded the success of the rescue work.

Meanwhile, on understanding the situation, Xu Jianjun quickly communicated with the Union Hospital and the latter one agreed to transfer the patient to its West Campus for further treatment when the vital signs of the patient stabilized.

After the rescue instructions were issued, under the command of Gong Yuanqi, the medical staff instantly took action, and the rescue work was carried out in an orderly and clear manner. Communicating with the relevant parties, getting the informed consent signed, applying for blood transfusion, preparing rescue materials,etc.were all done in order. Finally, Huang Shen’an successfully performed intubation for the patient. Gong Yuanqi worked nonstop the intensive care unit from 11 am until 6 pm, spending a total of 7 hours in there. It is gratifying that the patient's rescue process went on smoothly, leading to a gradually stabilized condition of the patient.

Subsequently, due to the critical condition of the patient, the physician of Wuhan 120 Emergency Center requested that an escort doctor accompany the patient during the hospital transfer. Gomg Yuanqi took the initiative to escort the patient to the West Campus of Wuhan Union Hospital.

With the plan prepared beforehand and everyone's joint efforts, the team members quickly stabilized the patient's vital signs, creating an opportunity for him to receive further diagnosis and treatment. The successful treatment of the patient also fully reflects the high level and high quality of the team of the Second Affiliated Hospital of Nanchang University, as well as the strength of the team spirit. Wuhan Union Hospital highly praises the medical team for their rescue work at the early stage.