A Touching Story-- Jordan Alumnus of NCU Crosses Desert to Seek Face Masks for China

Today, a righteous act made by an alumnus of Nanchang University with the hashtag # Young Arab Man Crosses Desert to Seek Face Masks for China# has gone viral on the internet. To time, this topic has reached some 8.75 million views. Now let's take a look at this touching story.


AHMAD YASEEN FAYIZ DABABSEH, also known as Ma Ding for his Chinese name, is a Jordanian student of class 2018 at Nanchang University. He graduated in July 2018 and moved back to his country, working as a doctor in As-SALT Hospital in Jordan.


After returning to his homeland, Ma Ding has always kept in touch with his Chinese friends. Ever since knowing the epidemic outbreak in China, he has been helping China seek masks.



On Feb 6, he was able to send 10,000 masks to China after searching over all the local pharmacies in Jordan. On the outside of those boxes containing the masks, he wrote down his friend’s name with words in pinyin like”Missing you” and “Be Strong”, while “ Go China” was written on the inner side of all the boxes.


Once he helped Alibaba global direct sourcing platform find 2 million FFP3 medical masks (the highest European standard), which was the largest quantity of masks he was able to get. However, this was not something easy for Ma Ding to achieve.

At that time, he had to travel across the desert to locate a Czech factory, which finally came to agreement to cooperate with Alibaba after days of communication.

Ma Ding,far away in Jordan, has told us in a video that he is delighted to make a small contribution to the battle against COVID-19 in China and that he firmly believes in China, his second hometown, everything will get better and the Chinese people will go through this very difficult time.