Cultivating High-quality Compound Medical Top-notch Talents-- NCU Sets the First Medical Innovation Experimental Class

To meet the needs of the development of the Healthy China Strategy, and to comply with the requirements of the comprehensive reform of medical education, and to train high-quality medical top-notch talents, the University has decided to select 50 outstanding students from the freshmen every year to study in the Medical Innovation Experimental Class and to establish Huankui Academy, which is named after the first president He Huankui. At the end of September 2020, according to the unified arrangement and deployment of the university, under the lead organization of Jiluan Academy, the Department of Medicine selected 50 outstanding students across the university to study in the Medical Innovation Experimental Class .



Guided by the principle of cultivating talents who possess a wide knowledge range, a solid foundation, strong skills and high qualities, the Medical Innovation Experimental Class strengthens the cross-integration of medical literature, medical science, and medical engineering, integrates university resources, and enhances collaboration and cooperation. The small-sized class implements three systems (credit system, tutorial system, academy system) and has an customized educational approach with an international perspective training mode, highlighting students' research ability and innovative thinking. It will cultivate future-oriented compound medical top-notch talents with innovative spirit, scientific methods, scientific knowledge, scientific ability and humanistic literacy, who will shoulder the responsibilities for the construction of a healthy China.