From square one to breakthrough --- School of Future Technology Welcomes First Batch of students


On the afternoon of Oct 26, the opening ceremony of New Functional Materials and Technology Experimental Class of the School of Future Technology was held in the National Silicon-based LED Engineering Technology Research Center. President Zhou Chuangbing, Vice President and Academician of Chinese Academy of Sciences Jiang Fengyi attended the opening ceremony.

Zhou Chuangbing extended his welcome and congratulations to the first batch of 35 freshmen who entered the class through two rounds of selection, and thanked the faculty in charge of refined courses as well as the innovation and entrepreneurship consultants who supported and helped the construction of the School of Future Technology.He pointed out that the School of Future Technology was established by our university to meet the needs of future revolutionary and disruptive technical personnel training, based on the thousand years of human civilization history and focusing on the strategic height of "two overall situations".The school is led by the academician and relies on the national first-class discipline group "New Luminescent Material Technology" and 10 national first-class majors such as materials science and engineering. It is the first one to implement an eight-year “undergraduate master doctorate” one-stop training mechanism among schools in Nanchang University. A new orientation for running a school is adopted here, which is focusing on cultivating compound talents with a wide knowledge range, solid foundation and strong skills, who are at the same time good at innovation, marketing and management; The new curriculum system will break the boundaries of disciplines, and specialize in refined courses that integrate science, technology, literature and medicine. The new training model implements the management model of both academy system and Masters+Team System, valuing the coordinated development of the integration of production and education.

Zhou Chuangbing encouraged the school to adhere to the work policy of student-oriented, output-guided, and continuous improvement, and integrate the spirit of"entrepreneurship, innovation, and diligence" into daily teaching and student management to form the school's iconic culture. The President also encouraged  students to practice the "Four-Self Education" and to grow into talents with both ability and political integrity. He hoped that the teachers should carry forward their love towards the party, the country, the work and the students, and devote themselves to teaching and educating people, engaging in scientific research, actively serving the society, and providing intellectual support for the great rejuvenation of the Chinese nation.


Jiang Fengyi led 35 freshmen to visit the National Silicon-based LED Engineering Technology Research Center and encouraged them to carry forward the LED spirit of "more light, less heat", and not to be a bookworm, a worshipper of power, or a follower of foreign technologies,but to become a compound talent that is fearless to scale the peak of science and who contributes wisdom and strength to the development of national science and technology.

Zhou Chuangbing and Jiang Fengyi issued letters of appointment to the refined course leaders Deng Zhenzhou, Yang Gening, Li Xiaobing, Qiu Ping, Zou Lin'er, and to the innovation and entrepreneurship consultants Li Wei and Wang Yunpu.They also exchanged a "Card of Original Aspiration" with student representatives, on which their dreams were written down. Lecturer Li Wei of the School of Journalism and Communication, and Tu Yangyang, a 2020 freshman of the New Functional Materials and Technology Experimental Class, each gave a speech as the faculty and student representatives respectively, expressing their determination and confidence in talents training.

Heads of relevant functional departments and the school along with faculty representatives attended the ceremony.