School of Life Sciences Exploring Online Teaching Mode of "MOOC + SPOC"

How to perfect and utilize the teaching resources? How to choose and use teaching platforms and teaching tools? How to change the teaching mode in special period? In order to complete the teaching tasks during the epidemic, School of Life Sciences actively explores and develops "MOOC + SPOC" teaching mode, and innovates new ways of education and teaching.

In order to better adapt to the current teaching situation, teaching team of the School makes teaching resources such as Quick Lesson and EV Screen Recording, provides electronic textbooks of different versions for students, adopts the teaching mode of "MOOC + SPOC" to establish synchronous SPOC in Chinese university MOOC platform, by SPOC taking advantage of university teachers' teaching management, combines the high quality of teaching resources and personalized teaching requirement, implements the management of class for students at the same time, adjusts teaching methods and improves the teaching resources according to the learning situation to make teaching process more accurately.

According to statistics of Dean’s Office, School of Life Sciences Exploring’s Biological Chemistry online courses teaching resources ranks in the top 5% in curriculum of the University. The reasons for praises are not only plenty of online resources, but also abundant course chapters and study materials in University network teaching platform, which lets students have a harvest in online classrooms. The student attendance is close to 100% in Neurobiological Experiment course. Most students can make a good review report after two weeks experiment, thanks to the School uploads 11 weeks experiment PPT and experiment teaching plans according to chapters to the learning network teaching platform during the winter vacation in advance. Teachers assign preview task to students a week before the commencement of the course. During 1-1.5 hours teaching time, the teacher and students discuss in Xuexitong or QQ group for the first half an hour, then the teacher explains course PPT through online video, and solves problems in preview report and discussion.





On Genetics course, the School does a scientific arrangement and planning for students through Xuexitong, uses online experiment learning resources in experimental space - national virtual simulation teaching project to carry out online training exercises, and adds theoretical basis via "Xuexitong" platform and QQ group, answers students’ questions, changing the simple mode of "live teaching + homework, students finishing the homework and uploading + teacher checking" that copies traditional classroom to online teaching, makes innovation according to the new characteristics of flip classroom, supervises and guides students to complete the online learning tasks while teaching, carries out "question-answer interaction + analysis of key and difficult points + knowledge extension + learning effect test", and achieves remarkable teaching results.





To perform a good job in online teaching, the School carries out an online training for relevant teachers in online teaching platforms such as NCU network teaching platform, Xuexitong, Chinese university MOOC, WeChat group, and does the research at the same time, has a thorough investigation of students’ home learning conditions, reminds students of binding identities in learning platform to fully prepare for classes, and lay a good foundation for online teaching.

This exploration has opened up a new way for online teaching, which not only improves teachers’ network application level, but also exercises students’ autonomous learning ability. The measure of "teaching without suspension while closing" has been fully reflected, which provides a reference for online education and teaching in schools.