NCU’s Number of Projects Approved by NSFC Hit a Record High

Recently, National Natural Science Foundation of China (NSFC) has released the evaluation results of the projects submitted during the centralized acceptance period in 2020. The number of our university’s projects approved by NSFC hit a record high.

As of the press release date, our university has been approved for a total of 298 national fund projects, including 29 general projects, 41 youth fund projects, and 3 key projects, with a total direct funding of 113,405,700 yuan. Compared with the same period in 2019, the annual growth rate of the number of projects is 5.67%, while the annual growth rate of total direct funding is 6.57%. In the case of a drop in funding for individual projects, the university has been receiving a direct funding exceeding 100 million yuan for four consecutive years.

The National Natural Science Foundation of China focuses on basic and frontier science as well as talents, and values innovative teams and interdisciplinary work. It has made important contributions to the comprehensive cultivation of our country's source innovation capabilities and become the main channel for supporting basic research in China.