Prof. Qiu Jing's Course Launched on the Sustainable Development Group Platform of the United Nations

Recently, the course Traditional Customs and Chinese Arts, selected by the university, has successfully passed the experts evaluation and been uploaded onto the Sustainable Development Group Platform of the United Nations. It is the first high-quality course in Jiangxi Province that launched on this international learning platform.

The course is led by Prof. Qiu Jing from the School of Art and Design, meticulously created by team members Shu Yu'an, Chen Linghua, Peng Diyun, Nie Jing, and Zhang Qianshan. United Nation Institute for Training and Research (UNITAR in short) is one of the main sponsors of the United Nations Sustainable Development Group Platform. Till now, it has recommended high-quality courses from well-known Chinese universities such as Shanghai Jiao Tong University and Zhengzhou University to be launched on the platform. Joining the platform will promote the global dissemination of the courses and enhance NCU's international reputation and influence.

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