Drug Clinical Trial and Research Society Founded in Jiangxi, Professor of NCU Selected as the First-term Chairman

  • Author : Chen Rui
  • Source : Nanchang University
  • Date : Dec. 28, 2017
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      Jiangxi Drug Clinical Trial and Research Society and First Academic Exchange Conference undertaken by NCU was held on December 26, and such leaders attended the conference and made speeches as Vice Chairman of Jiangxi Association for Science and Technology, Sun Weimin, Vice President of NCU, Li Baoming, Vice Director General of Social Organization Administration of Department of Civil Affairs of Jiangxi Province, Hu Yan, Deputy Chair of Drug Clinical Trial Professional Committee of CPS, Xiu Qingyu, and Chief of Administrative Approval Division of Jiangxi Food and Drug Administration Yi Fan.

      After election and voting, the first council was elected, consisting of 80 members who voted for the first standing council, consisting of 26 standing members. Xiong Yuqing from Clinical Pharmacological Research Institute of Nanchang University was elected as Chairman of the Society, and Xia Chunhua from School of Pharmacy of NCU, Liu Jianfang from Nanchang Hongdu Hospital of TCM and other 4 persons were elected as Vice Chairman. On the conference were determined the logo and articles of association of the society, which was unanimously passed by all the participants.

      The establishment of Jiangxi Drug Clinical Trial and Research Society has built the bridge of communication and link for connection for national supervision departments and clinical trial parties. The Society, focusing on the implementation of national relevant policies, endeavors to build normalized and internationally-linked clinical assessment system, creates favorable clinical assessment environment in the province, facilitates the popularization and promotion of clinical assessment regulations as well as the growth and improvement of clinical trial talents, and boosts the provincial-wide even nation-wide clinical trial and research technology innovation to make greater progress.

Edited by Zhou Yuanyuan