Nanchang University Passing Quality Certification for Studying in China by Ministry of Education

  • Author : Nanchang University
  • Source : Nanchang University
  • Date : Oct. 30, 2018
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On the 19th China Annual Conference for International Education & Expo held on October 18, 31 pilot institutions for quality certification for studying in China like Nanchang University and Tongji University were awarded the quality certification certificate for studying in China.


According to the quality certification process for studying in China of the Ministry of Education, our University, as a pilot institutions, successfully passed the certification in October of this year after such stages as self-assessment, expert on-site investigation and expert review. The argumentation result considers that Nanchang University achieves effective and characteristic results in promoting international strategy, enrollment and cultivation of overseas students, cross-cultural communication of overseas students and the work of Confucius Institute, and should continue the develop a new pattern for the education and management work for studying in China with “university domination, school/department subject, teacher/student core and project support”.