NCU Cheers for Fierce Marathon Race

  • Author : Nanchang University
  • Source : Nanchang University
  • Date : Nov. 16, 2018
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    On November 11, the Nanchang International Marathon Race held its tour in NCU again. In order to support this great event and create a good environment for all participants, our university has made sufficient preparations in terms of security, atmosphere promotion, cheering and other aspects.

    At 9:00, the Marathon contestants began to arrive at Qianhu Campus. They entered into the Wusi Avenue through the Taofen Road, ran along the road from the east to the west to the junction with Fangyin Road, returned to the Yinke Road, entered Shuguang Road, and finally ran out of the campus from Gate 2.

    At the invitation of the organization committee, NCU sent a team to participate in this big event. More than 50 teachers and students participated in the mini marathon race, and nearly 30 teachers and students worked as referees. The security department of NCU organized 500 staff to secure the order of the race, including people from civilized behavior pickets, youth volunteer association, student volunteer patrol team and other student organizations. NCU cheerleaders performed excellent dances and students inspired the contestants with incessant cheers on both sides of the road.



    The slightly cold raindrops sprinkled from time to time, and many people's clothes were soaked, but this did not stop the passion of the "Ganma" contestants and staff. During the period, CCTV Sports Channel conducted a live broadcast of the event. Our university once again demonstrated the spirit of Ganmaand demonstrated the humanistic feelings of colleges and universities.