NCU Held the First International Cultural Festival and International Culture Exhibition

  • Author : Tu Jinfeng、Fang Anqi、Lihui、Dailin
  • Source : Nanchang University
  • Date : Dec. 05, 2018
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     On the morning of November 27, the first international cultural festival of NCU was held at the Leisure Square. Party Secretary Yu Xiaoshe announced the opening ceremony and presented the flag. Zhou Chuangbing, President of NCU, Li Zhiyong, Director of the International Division of Provincial Foreign Affairs Office of Jiangxi, and Liu Yanhong, Deputy Director of the International Division of the Provincial Education Department, attended and addressed the opening ceremony.


     Zhou Chuangbing, Li Zhiyong and Liu Yanhong expressed their congratulations on the development of this great event. They all hoped that NCU would take this event as an opportunity to continue to promote international talents training, build an international exchange platform, create a positive campus culture, and actively contribute the friendly exchanges between China and other countries.

     Li Na, representative of international students, delivered a speech sharing her experience of studying and living in Nanchang University and also expressed her love for Chinese culture. International student Rona and Li Kai sang the song listen; international students dressing in their national costumes enthusiastically performed the runway; Kalinka, African, State of Etiquette, Saman Dance and other songs and dances, each being distinctively chic and brilliant, won applause and cheers.


     The theme of this year’s International Cultural Festival is Unison of the Whole World, Unity of the Family and Country, aiming to promote cultural integration among countries as well as strengthen international exchanges and cooperation. The World Cultural Corridor of the festival shows the customs of motherlands of international students, attracting students from different countries to stop and appreciate. Stylish Venues such as India, Indonesia, Kazakhstan, Pakistan, Yemen, China, Jordan, Morocco, Russia, Nigeria and South Africa displaying various regional costumes, food and handicrafts enabled students to visit, appreciate food and products, country features, style and play games. They gained more knowledge about other countries amid visiting.


     In order to promote the friendship between students and deepen the understanding of the cultures of various countries, this year’s International Cultural Festival also staged a series of activities such as student fellowship, calligraphy practise, and cultural evenings.

     In recent years, NCU has actively established a platform for exchanges between Chinese and foreign students, and successfully passed the quality certification of the Ministry of Education. At present, NCU has enrolled more than 1,000 international students from 68 countries as well as established 3 Confucius Institutes and 2 Confucius Classrooms in Spain, France and Indonesia with more than 3,000 overseas registered students.