NCU Launch Cabaret Tour at Confucius Institutes of Korea

  • Author : Nanchang University
  • Source : Nanchang University
  • Date : Dec. 05, 2018
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    From November 3 to 13, in order to promote the spread of Chinese culture and the exchange of cultural and artistic education between China and Korea, NCU, under the designation of the Confucius Institute Headquarters/Hanban, organized a cabaret team containing 18 teachers and students and staged 6 performances at Confucius Institutes of Hanyang University, Daejin    University, Chungbuk National University, Kangwon National University, Confucius Classroom of Isan Daejin High School, Confucius Classroom at Taicheng College and so on.    


    The tour, themed with “Charm of Jiangxi·Love of China”, attracted more than 4,000 Korean students and audiences. Li Hong, Education Counselor of the Chinese Embassy to Korea, Yu Yongquan, First Secretary of the Chinese Embassy to Korea, leaders of Universities, deans of Confucius Institutes, Chinese representatives from all walks of life, business elites, friends from the press attended the show and enjoyed the performances. During the 11-day tour, NCU team went to different venues presenting the audience with various traditional Chinese arts including Chinese instrument performances, folk songs, dances, etc., which triggered intense reaction among Korean people. Korean’s mainstream media such as Gangwon-do People’s Daily, Yongin News, GUKJE Press and other media made follow-up report and continued coverage on this tour.



    The cabaret tour demonstrated the ardent hopes and best wishes of the Confucius Institute Headquarters/Hanban to the cultural exchanges between China and Korea, which gave full play to the advantages of the Confucius Institutes serving as the comprehensive cultural exchange platforms. What’s more, the cabaret tour promoted the international influence of NCU as well exchanges on cultural and artistic education and friendship between China and Korea. Teachers and students on the team showed good spirits and conducted excellent performance during the tour, which received high praise and recognition from the Chinese Embassy to Korea and the Confucius Institute Headquarters.