Nine Measures to Build NCU a Domestic First-class University

  • Author : Nanchang University
  • Source : Nanchang University
  • Date : Dec. 13, 2018
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   On November 28, the reporter (Zheng Ying) was informed that the Implementation Opinions of the People’s Government of Jiangxi Province on Supporting the Joint Construction of Nanchang University by the Ministry of Education and Jiangxi was officially promulgated. Jiangxi province will seize the historical opportunity of the joint construction of Nanchang University by the Ministry of Education and Jiangxi. With the guidance and support of the Ministry of Education, Jiangxi will integrate advantages of all parties and accelerate the advancement of Nanchang University into  one of the country’s top universities.

   The Opinions will clearly focus on building the first-class disciplines of materials science and engineering, food science and engineering in Nanchang University to explore the talent cultivation, discipline construction and the system of industry-university-research-application collaboration for talents introduction and construction of international chemistry platforms. The new system will promote the high-quality innovation and development of new materials and food industries in Jiangxi. At the same time, we shall enhance the overall level of the discipline of Nanchang University on the basis of specific breakthroughs, and lead the development of high-quality and connotative development of higher education in the province. Specific supporting measures include 9 items:

——Support Nanchang University to undertake the corresponding responsibilities and obligations of the universities directly under the Ministry of Education, and implement discipline construction and scientific research;

—— Support the materials science and engineering disciplines under the key construction Nanchang University, and gradually construct innovative R&D centers such as new light material technology, new material technology and new photovoltaic material technology in batches;

—— Support Nanchang University to focus on the construction of food science and engineering disciplines, carry out scientific research and industrial technology development, and establish innovative R&D centers such as grain and oil, livestock and poultry;

—— Support Nanchang University to focus on the construction of clinical medical disciplines, carry out clinical research and development of key medical treatment technologies, and build a government-led, hospital-based and discipline-supported new mechanism including government-industry-university-research-application collaboration;

—— Create the International Cooperation and Innovation Research Institute of Nanchang University, and innovative introduction mechanism of foreign talents through the cooperation between various departments of government, universities enterprise and market;

—— Strengthen the international cooperation and exchanges in industry-university-research-application collaboration, and form a new mechanism for the positive interaction and win-win cooperation between China and foreign countries;

—— Enhance capabilities in making scientific research and innovative service, and form a number of platforms with important conditions for upgrading original innovation capabilities;

—— Innovate the talent introduction and utilization mechanism to support Nanchang University to build a high-level talent team for scientific research and industrial development in material science and engineering, food science and engineering. Each subject group will introduce about 200 talents;

—— Optimize the evaluation system of disciplines and talents, change the current evaluation criteria in subject, academic title, talent assessment, and performance distribution, and transform the evaluation model of “papers-based and projects-based” into focusing on the transformation and application of scientific research results, the contribution to the development of the industry, the service quality to the enterprise, and the economic and social service capabilities of the discipline.

    Jiangxi provincial people’s government has set up a leading group of the joint construction of Nanchang University by the Ministry of Education and Jiangxi as well as an expert steering committee for materials science and engineering, food science and engineering disciplines in the aim of obtaining support, guidance and platform from the Ministry of Education in establishing first-class domestic universities. Guide and help the corresponding subjects with South China University of Technology and Wuhan University of Technology as the counterpart schools for materials science and engineering disciplines, Jiangnan University for food science and engineering disciplines, Peking University School of Medicine for the clinical medical discipline group; establish a biannual regular meeting system and an annual reporting system and submit work reports to the Party organization in Ministry of Education, Provincial Party Committee and Provincial People’s Government at the end of each year.