School of Sciences

Mathematics and Applied Mathematics 

Information and Computing Science


Applied Physics 

Photoelectric Information Science and Engineering

School of Chemistry
Applied Chemistry
Experimental Center for Basic Chemistry

School of Life Sciences
Biological Science
Aquaculture Science
Experimental Center of Basic Biology

School of Food Science and Technology
Food Science & Engineering
Food Nutrition & Safety
Food Fermentation & Bioengineering

School of Materials Science and Engineering

Materials Science and Engineering

Materials Physics
Polymer Science and Engineering
New Energy Materials and Devices

School of Resources Environmental& Chemical Engineering

Process Equipment & Control Engineering

Chemical Engineering & Technology

Pharmaceutical Engineering

Environmental Engineering

Environmental Science 

Safety Engineering

School of Mechatronics Engineering
Mechanical Design Manufacturing  and Automation
Material Shaping and Control  Engineering

Automotive Engineering

Energy and Power Engineering

Engineering Training Center

School of Architecture and Civil Engineering

Civil Engineering 

Building Environment and Energy Application Engineering 

Water Supply and Drainage Science and Engineering

Hydraulic Engineering

Urban and Rural Planning 

Construction Management

Engineering Dynamic institute

School of Information Engineering 

Measurement and Control Technology and Instrumentation 

Electrical Engineering and the Automatization

Electronic & lnformation Engineering 

Communication Engineering 

Computer Science&Technology 

Network Engineering 

Internet of Things Engineering 

Digital Media Technology 

Biomedical Engineering

Calculation Center
Electrical Teaching & Experimental Center

School of Software
Software Engineering
Information Security