Professor Nie Shaoping was Selected as the National Young and Middle-aged Scientific and Technological Innovative Leading Talent in 2015

Recently, the Ministry of Science and Technology announced the selected list of 2015 Innovative Talent Promotion Program. Professor Nie Shaoping of School of Food Science & Technology was selected. 

According to the “Innovative Talent Promotion Plan Implementation Plan”, the Ministry of Science and Technology carried out the implementation of the 2015 Innovative Talent Promotion Program. The survey and recommendation, form review, expert review and publicity and other links to determine the 307 young and middle-aged scientific and technological innovation leader, 214 scientific and technological innovation and entrepreneurship, 50 key areas of innovation team and 34 innovative talent training demonstration base were selected in 2015 innovative talents advance plan. The selected young and middle-aged science and technology innovation leaders are less 45 years old, the responsible person to assume the national, departmental and local research projects in recent years .

Nie Shaoping, born in 1978, taught in Nanchang University after he received a doctorate degree in food science here in 2006, and then developed cooperated researches in Singapore, Canada and other countries for a total of three years. He is currently the assistant dean of the School of Food Science & Technology, the distinguished professor of “Jinggang Scholars” in Jiangxi provincial institutions of high learning, the fixed research of State Key Laboratory of Food Science and Technology of Nanchang University and the deputy editor of Bioactive Carbohydrates and Dietary Fibre.

Nie Shaoping has long been engaged in the research of food chemistry and analysis, food nutrition and safety, especially the basic and applied research of bio-active polysaccharides and dietary fiber and other fields. For the past few years, he presided over or participated in 13 national issues, such as the National Natural Science Foundation, 863,973, the National Science and Technology Support Program and so on; he published more than 100 articles in SCI journals, has been authorized to 17 invention patents. As the  principle investigator, he won the first prize of Jiangxi Provincial Natural Science Award, the second prize of National Teaching Achievement Award and other more than 10 awards. What’s more, he was selected by 2012 “New Century Excellent Talent Support Program” of Ministry of Education, 2013 Jiangxi Provincial Talent Project, supported by the outstanding youth fund of National Natural Science Foundation in 2014, won the title of “Jiangxi May 4th Youth Medal” of 2015. 

By virtue of innovating institutional mechanisms, optimizing policy environment and strengthening safeguards, the Innovative Talent Promotion Program aims to cultivate a group of world-class innovative scientists, high-level technical leading talents and engineers, outstanding innovation teams and entrepreneurial talents, foster a group of innovative talents training demonstration bases, strengthen the building of high-level innovative scientific and technological talent team, lead and promote the development of various types of scientific and technological talents, to provide strong talent support improving the ability of independent innovation and building an innovative country.

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