My Adviser Professor Zhang Ruhua

After reading the article of "Zhang Ruhua: 60 Years-old Professor’s love for school" in school news network, I can’t help thinking Teacher Zhang. Memories arise  in front of me just like yesterday.

From 2013 to 2016, I was a postgraduate majored in Materials Processing Engineering, professor Zhang Ruhua was my adviser. From the first day into the lab onwards, we became the “kids” of teacher Zhang. We learned from him to be rigorous in scientific research and be hardheaded in work. Being taken care of by him, we felt spring sunshine like warm. In our students’ opinion, professor Zhang Ruhua is a good teacher who love school as home, is industrious and hard-working, love students like his kids.

Teacher Zhang loves school as home, cares for every brick, tile, tree and bush of campus. Even on rainy weekend, he cleaned the cement before our teaching building. In his words, “school is the home of us, her beauty is depended on us. I hope the campus of Nanchang University be more and more beautiful”. For every general cleaning of labs, he is harder and more careful than our young. There is a small folding bed in teacher’s office, sometimes he worked to midnight and slept here. Thus, he missed so many family gatherings that his wife said jealously, “your teacher spent much more time on school than home, the time you meet him is much more than our son and me. He takes school as home, but leaves his own home aside”. Exactly, his fifty-eighth birthday was simply celebrated with us in the lab.

Industrious and hard-working teacher Zhang takes his work rigorously. In his world, there is no weekends, no festivals, no holidays. If you can’t find him, he must be at school or in factory or on the way to school or factory. With regard to students’ questions, he is happy to answer them all. Every answer and thesis modification is the result of his repeated deliberation. I still remember it was two days before the Lunar New Year, we had enjoyed holiday for days, while teacher Zhang was modifying a junior fellow student’s thesis alone in the lab; six days after the Lunar New Year, the Spring Festival wasn’t over, he worked alone in the office again. In order to broaden our horizons, he often seized the opportunity to take us to participate in some domestic academic exchange meetings. Teacher has a lot of work to do, such as teaching, scientific research, school-enterprise cooperation, etc.. It seems that his work is endless, but he is always enthusiastic about his work and often shares the joy of work with us.

Teacher Zhang loves students as his kids, concerns and cares for us just like our father. Every Dragon Boat Festival, Mid-Autumn Festival and other traditional festivals, he always accompanied us together, took us to his home to make rice dumplings and have a meal with us, or took us to visit scenic spots around Nanchang. He often said: “You are so far away from home that you can’t celebrate festivals with families, so I am here to celebrate the festival with you on behalf of your parents”. What’s more, every time he was away on official business, he would take some special local products and small gifts for us. Students who had financial difficulties all received the support of teacher. In my graduation season, he usually enlightened confused me.

Now, I have graduated and been a teacher too. Recalling his teaching by personal example as well as verbal instruction, professional dedication spirit, selfless love for students and school, low-key and rigorous scholarship, I am detained to be a good teacher like him, cultivating groups of excellent students.

This is my graduate advisor professor Zhang Ruhua, a good teacher who love school as home, is industrious and hard-working, love students like his kids. As one of his students, I wish him youthful, healthy, passionate forever and have innumerable great achievements!

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