Gong Wei: Helping Deaf-mute Children for Nine Years Like a Day

"Boys and girls, teacher Gong comes to give us presents again.” Before the 27th National Disabled Day, on the afternoon of May 19, Gong Wei, a teacher of Nanchang University, came to the special education school of Xinjian Districtin again to bring sporting goods for children. The children also expressed their gratitude to Teacher Gong in their own way.

From 2007 onwards, Gong Wei helped over ten deaf-mute children of the special education school of Xinjian District, sent meticulously prepared presents to them on festival days. Gong Wei not only gives people fish but also teaches them how to fish. He used the rest time to organize professionals to train right-age deaf-mutes’ wood carving skills, which successfully helped two deaf-mutes to get a job and be self-employed by virtue of the craftsmanship. “What you have to do is to draw a picture on the blackboard and then teach students how to carve. During the study period, they can get monthly salary and allowance. At last, they can get return from charity bazaar of their carving works and don’t have to look for other jobs”. Gong Wei said.

Gong Wei’s public benefit road started from a socially useful activity took part in university. At that time, in the face of these disabled children who still strive to fight against fate, good-hearted Gong Wei had a idea of helping these “special” children. After graduation, he worked as a teacher of Nanchang University, fulfilled his promise of helping deaf-mute. Although his wages is not high, he sticks to donate parts of salary to them. What’s more, the number of disabled children who got his targeted law and psychology help has up to nearly one hundred.

Gong Wei had never mentioned his nine years’ help for deaf-mute children to his colleagues and friends, who didn’t know his philanthropic act until Xinhua Net, Nanchang Evening News and other media reported his story. In the face of the praise of media and people around, Gong Wei said: “I just followed my heart and did something I want to do and I can do. If it helped these children, it will be good”.

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