“Overseas Returnee” Rooting in Alma Mater

Zhou Wenguang successively studied and worked inNanchangUniversity,SunYat-SenUniversity,TsinghuaUniversity, National University of Singapore and USA University of Sudaming. He once presided over, participated and completed many projects like National “973”, “863”, National Tackling Project, National Natural Fund Key Project, International Overseas Cooperation Project, and so on, as well as scientific research projects of USDA, DOE, DOD and DOT. The abundant studying and working experiences have broadened his international vision and made him absorb the benefits of different educational patterns, which exerts a significant impact on his future teaching concepts and methods.

In July 2015, under our sincere invitation, Zhou Wenguang gave up the big salary and good platform overseas, and returned to our University for the dream of making contributions to our country in scientific research. “Why I came back is to do my job well and cultivate my students prominently!”

By now, Zhou Wenguang has published over 60 high-level SCI papers in international famous journals, with more than 2350 cites. He has applied for more than 20 American and Chinese patents, and invited to international conferences with great influence in that field for more than 40 times, and his team takes the lead in the world in the field of microalgae and biomass resources recycling.

In students’ eyes, Zhou Wenguang is an efficient person used to getting up early. Sometimes, students may receive his email at 05:00 early in the morning. For him, “forerunner” is not only a habit, but more the passion for career.

     Zhou Wenguang is a “forerunner” in the field of microalgae research who makes use of scientific research to facilitate local economic development. His team actively integrates the independently developed scientific research achievements into relevant enterprises of livestock breeding, having obtained remarkable economic, social and ecological benefits while effectively solving comprehensive control of feces and up-to-standard discharge. The cooperation pattern of “industry, university and research” is well received by the society.

     In order to broaden students’ vision, Zhou Wenguang actively boosts academic exchange. He has invited more than 20 academic members to give a lecture here in recent years, including one of initiators of resources recycling subject—Academician Jin Yong, Academician of National Academy of Engineering Wang Zhaokai, National Outstanding Youth Professor Feng Yujie, President of Institute of Coastal Zone Research of Chinese Academy of Sciences Qin Song, and so on. By virtue of lectures and face-to-face exchange activities of teachers and students, Zhou Wenguang builds life example for students, injects positive energy for scientific research spirit, and inspires students with the passion of “forerunner”.

     As the first undergraduate-dominated innovative and entrepreneurial algae academic research association in China, over more than one year of establishment, Zhou Wenguang focuses on improving students’ comprehensive quality, not only highlighting the cultivation of scientific research ability and logical thinking, but also focusing on the education of humanistic morality and the improvement of English proficiency. Under the help of the school and relevant enterprises, “Algae Association” set up the 3rd English corner in the campus, regularly carrying out English exchange activities like Topic Discussion, Free Talk, and etc., and it often invited our foreign teachers even overseas excellent teachers to join them, laying a foundation for students’ further study abroad and future development.

     The cultivation pattern of “Algae Association” has stimulated students’ passion on scientific research, the research projects have made many breakthroughs, and the innovation and entrepreneurship team formed by the members won two state-level innovation and entrepreneurship projects, and the undergraduate students of the Association also achieved many results in publishing international high-level journals and patent application, having successively published 5 high-level SCI papers as the first, second, fourth and fifth authors, applied 4 patents, with one obtaining authorization. The graduation projects of Members of the Association Students Chen Jie and Liu Xueying for undergraduate graduation won 2016 and 2016 excellent graduation theses ofNanchangUniversityunder the guidance of Professor Zhou Wenguang.

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