Liu Junlin Won the "National May 1 Labor Medal" Title

Recently, our province held the Commendation Conference of Provincial May 1 Labor Medal Award to celebrate the "May Day" International Labor Day. Liu Junlin, from our school’s National Silicon-based LED Engineering Technology Research Center, won the "National May 1 Labor Medal" honorary title.

Liu Junlin, male, Han nationality, born in September 1978, member of the Communist Party of China, graduated from the major of Materials Science and Engineering of Xi'an Jiaotong University, held a doctor’s degree. Now he is the research scientist (II) of Nanchang University, doctoral supervisor, executive deputy director of National Silicon-based LED Engineering Technology Research Center and director of Lighting Materials and Components Engineering Center of Ministry of Education. As the core member of “Semiconductor Lighting Technology Innovation Team” - an innovation team of key areas of Science and Technology Ministry, and Jiang Fengyi Model Worker Innovation Studio, one of Jiangxi Provincial Talents Project and 2016 Young and Middle-aged Scientific and Technological Innovative Leading Talent of Ministry of Science and Technology (has been publicized), he enjoys the Jiangxi provincial special government allowance. In recent years, he has published more than 30 academic papers, has applied for 35 patents for invention which including 18 authorized; he has presided over 5 projects, such as the National Key Research and Development Programs, the National Natural Science Focus Fund, the National Science and Technology Support Program and so on. What’s more, he won the first prize of 2015 National Technical Invention Award (the second signature).

Liu Junlin joined Jiang Fengyi research team in 2016, since then he has been struggling in the silicon-based LED technology research road. He has made breakthroughs in the LED electrical reliability technology of GaN-based vertical structure, membrane transfer technology of the release of silicon substrate giant tensile stress, having enhanced the quantum efficiency of LED technology through the effective use of leaked electronic luminescence, LED chip N (nitrogen) polar surface n-type ohm contact electrode stability technology and other aspects, and he has made innumerable great achievements in high-quality and large-size silicon substrate GaN-based LED growth technology, silicon-based bright yellow and green LED and other aspects. The silicon substrate high efficiency GaN-based blue LED technology he participated won the only first prize of 2015 National Technical Invention Award. This technology solved the intellectual property rights problem that Chinese LED lighting industry faced at the source, resulting in significant economic and social benefits.

In 2016, Liu Junlin took the lead in the national key research and development program project - “High-quality and Full-spectrum Semiconductor Lighting Materials, Devices and Lighting Industry Manufacturing Technology”, cooperated with 25 domestic influential units in LED industry to build an innovative team to jointly research and develop new LED lighting technology that light efficiency and light quality coordinately develop, and strove to take the lead in international research on LED lighting technology.

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