【Teaching Pacesetter】 Shi Ying: Treating Others with Courtesy, Teaching Students to Fish

Editors note: The selection result of 2016 Nanchang University “Top Ten Teaching Pacesetters” has been announced, Xu Changshui, Wang Daojie, Jiang Xiongxin, Wang Yang, Shi Ying, Chen Yeyu, Wang Weiming, Yu Chao, Liu Song and Xu Xiaoling are elected this year’s Nanchang University “Top Ten Teaching Pacesetters”. Our network starts a special “Teaching Pacesetters” column to introduce the ten teachers with a continuous “quick description”, hoping the teachers and students to learn from them, to further create good teaching atmosphere that teachers happy to teach students and students eager to learn from teachers.

Showing high ideals by simple living and believing still waters run deep is her mentality, mutual respect and sincere simplicity is her style. She takes students as friends, treats them sincerely and grows with them together; she takes students as a mirror, shines on her own merits and demerits and makes up for the deficiency; she takes students as hope, respects their thoughts and believes that the student will work hard to create a wonderful tomorrow. She is the teacher Shi Ying of School of Public Administration.

“Learning derives from thinking, thinking derives from doubt.” In the class, Shi Ying convinces that teaching students to fish is better than giving them fish directly, so she is committed to imparting students the methods of independent thinking and conscious understanding. At the same time, she also tries to create relatively relaxed, harmonious, free and equal classroom atmosphere, encourage students to “dare to ask”, “be able to ask” and “be good at asking” to cultivate students strong consciousness of problems and stimulate students’ desire for knowledge to the hilt on this basis.

“It is necessary to encourage students to actively participate in classroom discussions and interaction, continue to ask and appropriately inspire students around the target of problems. As a result, it can not only lead students to think synchronously but also help them to improve minds and enrich knowledge during the period of thinking of and solving problems.” Shi Ying said.

When talking about the teaching harvest, Shi Ying said: “I owe to my colleagues and students first because they gave me the most sincere and generous help.” As a university teacher, her greatest feeling is “thanksgiving” and “endeavor”.

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