Wang Weiming: Teaching News in the Front Line

Editor's note: The selection result of 2016 Nanchang University "Top Ten Teaching Pacesetters" has been announced, Xu Changshui, Wang Daojie, Jiang Xiongxin, Wang Yang, Shi Ying, Chen Yeyu, Wang Weiming, Yu Chao, Liu Song and Xu Xiaoling are elected as this year’s Nanchang University "Top Ten Teaching Pacesetters". In the next time, our network will start a special "Teaching Pacesetters" column to introduce the 10 teachers with a continuous "quick description", hoping the teachers and students to learn from them, to further create good teaching atmosphere that teachers are happy to teach students and students are eager to learn from teachers.


In 2007, only 31 years old Wang Weiming graduated from Communication University of China as a doctor and came to the red land Jiangxi, began his news teaching career in Nanchang University. In the past 10 years of work, he took root in teaching, contributed silently, kept making progress, served as the executive director of Applied Journalism Communication Research Committee of The Chinese Association for History of Journalism and Mass Communication, the expert committee of Jiangxi Universities Center for Journalism Studies, etc., selected as the "Thousands of People Plan" of mutual hire between universities and news units employees organized by Ministry of Education and the Propaganda Department; his personal works won the first prize of Jiangxi Provincial Ordinary Colleges and Universities Excellent Teaching Material Selection Competition, the second prize of Jiangxi Provincial Social Science Outstanding Achievements Award and the third prize of Jiangxi Provincial News Award.

“Journalists are aspiring and passionate.” As a teacher engaged in journalism teaching, Wang Weiming has his own unique insights on the “journalism ideal”. “My journalism ideal is to promote social progress and benefit the populace through news media, news dissemination - even my contribution is minor.”

As a “journalism teacher”, Wang Weiming not only has a wealth of media working experience but also is persistent in academic research and brave in exploration. In the teaching, Wang Weiming thinks that with the social development and progress of times, media teaching should advance together with times, reform and innovate to adapt to current changes. And specifically, take into account both the traditional teaching ways and new media teaching methods, use different teaching tools flexibly, such as blog, microblog, WeChat, QQ and Internet.

“Students of School of Journalism & Communication have active thought, a broad range of knowledge and stronger abilities of foreign contact, language expression, analysis and judgment, which are their advantages. Therefore, the teacher needs to teach them in accordance with their aptitude.” In the eyes of Wang Weiming, every student is a “work”. He is willing to polish them to perfect with the greatest effort and sincerity.

“He is such a person with typical teacher temperament. In my opinion, the so-called teacher temperament is the presence and disposition of teachers that can attract and gather students. Teacher Wang is naturally glad to close to students, it sounds easy but difficult to do it.” Dean Chen Xinling of School of Journalism & Communication said.

“About teaching, teacher Wang Weiming is rigorous, serious and responsible. His teaching method is innovative and various. In the class, strong interactivity makes us participate in it, we learn much from it; after class, he attaches importance to cultivate students’ practical ability and strives to create a development platform for us.” Journalism major student of Grade 2014 Zou Fei said.

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