Celebrating Birthday with Science-Academician Pan Jiluan Teaches you How to be a “Metallic Tailor”

Editor’s note: Walking in the Qianhu Campus of Nanchang University, we must have seen the name of “Pan Jiluan”, maybe it is from “Jiluan Shuyuan” on the west of Students Dormitory1, perhaps the inscriptions of “School of Mechatronics Engineering” and “School of Materials Science and Engineering” beside Wusi Middle Avenue, perhaps the “Jiluan Road” right of the Zhengqi Square... ... They are all from the former president and present honorary president of Nanchang University - academician Pan Jiluan. This year he is 90 years old. On December 24, our school held a series of activities to celebrate his birthday.

In the morning of December 24, academic lecture and the 16th session of “Qianhu Forum”, one of the series of activities celebrating the 90th birthday of academician Pan Jiluan, was held on Qianhu campus. The lecture focused on “metallic tailor” named advanced welding technology, academician Pan Jiluan, professor Du Dong of Tsinghua University and professor Jiao Xiangdong of Beijing Institute of Petrochemical Technology respectively gave a speech, Ms. Li Shiyu, representatives of Provincial and Jiujiang Municipal Association for Science and Technology and representatives of teachers and students nearly three hundred people attended the report, vice president Deng Xiaohua presided over the report.

Ninety-year-old Pan Jiluan has been struggling in the scientific research front, he combined with the ongoing research projects, talked from the nuclear power plant content system, introduced the “development and welding of one million kilowatts of nuclear power turbine low-pressure rotor”. During the lecture, Academician Pan repeatedly stressed the importance of careful experiments. In the face of the questions raised by the students, he stuck to stand up to answer questions with smile. Our old president is so amiable.

Du Dong introduced the “advanced manufacturing discipline development of Tsinghua University”, Jiao Xiangdong elaborated “welding robot technology and development of marine oilengineering”.

It happened to be academician Pan Jiluan’s ninety-year-old birthday, Pan chose to celebrate it in academic lecture with teachers and students together. The teachers and students representatives on the scene presented the blessing for him one after another, all hoped the ninety-year-old elder “be healthy and longevous”, the scene is sweet and heartwarming.

“This lecture follows a frontier research of welding technology, which gives me a deeper understanding of this discipline and enhances my interest in welding technology”, a student of School of Materials Science and Engineering said.

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