Our Professor Zhenzhou Deng Issuing Thesis on Subordinate Journal of Nature as Co-first Author

On October 2, the newest research fruits taking Cs2AgBiBr6 single-crystal X-ray detectors with a low detection limit as the theme and attended to be developed by Zhenzhou Deng, the new-employed young teacher of Department of Electronics of Information Engineering School of Nanchang University was issued on Nature Photonics (IF=37.85), an authoritative journal in photoelectric domain.

   The detector mentioned in the article has features of high sensitivity, low detection limit, lead-free, and advantages of low cost, being easy to be produced, and can be widely applied in medical and safety inspection domain, which means that it is a key breakthrough in development of core parts of high-end medical instruments in China. This research fruits arouses wide concern of central and local media like Xinhua News Agency and www.chinanews.com.

Professor Zhenzhou Deng (Second from Left)

   Nanchang University is one of contribution units of this thesis, our new-employed young teacher Zhenzhou Deng is the co-first author of this thesis, the first working unit signed by Professor Zhenzhou Deng is Information Engineering School of Nanchang University, and Huazhong University of Science and Technology, the previous working unit of Professor Zhenzhou Deng, is the first unit of this thesis. This research fruits partly gains support of National Natural Science Foundation Youth Program 61501197 presided by Professor Zhenzhou Deng.

   Zhenzhou Deng is our new-employed discipline orientation leader through “High-level Talents Introduction Plan”, and has long-term research experiences in radiation detector and PET system domain. In October 2015, he was awarded Huazhong University of Science and Technology intermediate professional qualification. In 2017, he works in Nanchang University as distinguished professor, discipline orientation leader. He has been engaged in research on PET detector and scintillation pulse signal processing. Zhenzhou Deng takes charge of 3 state-level projects, 3 provincial-level projects, and takes part in several national major and key research plans. In order to study scintillation pulse, a set of scintillation pulse data acquisition platform centering on super speed AD, and ten kinds of scintillation detector are built, acquiring over 40T scintillation pulse data, and establishing several statistical models of scintillation pulse and applying them in processing methods.

   Zhenzhou Deng issued 14 articles as the first author in high-level journals and top-level international conferences. His research results have won prizes in NSS/MIC international conferences for several times, and he is invited to hold the post of reviewer for high-level international journals like Medical Physics, PLos ONE and so on, and is SNMMI Member, IEEE Member, NPSS Member. In 2017, he is the fund assessor of Department of Information Sciences of National Natural Science Foundation of China. There are 33 authorized or issued patents, including 2 international patents. During post doctor period, he won the special support of post-doctor fund of Ministry of Human Resources and Social Security of the People's Republic of China, and the youth fund of National Natural Science Foundation of China.

  • Source : Nanchang University
  • Date : 2017-10-19