Doctoral Candidate of School of Food Sciences Huang Xiaolin Publishing an Article on Chemical Society Reviews

Recently, the doctoral candidate of School of Food Sciences Huang Xiaolin published a review article titled “Ratiometric optical nanoprobes enable accurate molecular detection and imaging” on the top journal Chemical Society Reviews (IF=38.618) in the field of international chemistry and chemical engineering.

The review systematically analyzed the design principles, sensing mechanism and merits and demerits of various kinds of ratiometric new optical nanoprobes, and discussed their potential application in biomolecule testing, tumor microenvironment imaging and tumor resection, further discussed the latent defects in the existing design and made outlook on the future development tendency and prospect.
  The article takes National Key Laboratory of Food Sciences and Technology of Nanchang University as the first unit, Huang Xiaolin as the first author, and Xiong Yonghua—Director of Department of Food Nutrition and Safety of School of Food Sciences of Nanchang University, Permanent Member of Key Laboratory of Food Sciences and Technology and Research Fellow of Sino-German Joint Research Institute as well as Professor Chen Xiaoyuan of National Institutes of Health and Doctor Song Jibin as joint corresponding authors.
   Chemical Society Reviews is a review-type academic journal subordinated to Royal Society of Chemistry, the IF of the journal in 2017 was 38.618, and recognized as three top-level review journal in the field of international chemistry and chemical engineering together with Chemical Reviews: 47.928 and Accounts of Chemical Research: 20.268 subordinated to American Chemical Society. It is learned that this is the first time that the higher institution in Jiangxi published an article on Chemical Society Reviews as the first unit.
   Huang Xiaolin is a postgraduate pursuing MD-PhD program of Grade 2014 majoring in Food Science and Engineering of School of Food Sciences, engaged in the basic theory and application research based on immunology reaction following Supervisor, Research Fellow Xiong Yonghua, and Huang Xiaolin has published 26 SCI articles in relevant fields during the period of postgraduate study, with accumulated IF of 201.088, in which he published 11 SCI articles in top-level journals as the first author like Chem Soc Rev, ACS Nano, Theranostics, with IF totaling 126.344. He obtained 20 authorized national invention patents. He was dispatched to study abroad in National Institutes of Health under the sponsorship of China Scholarship Council. He won three times of national scholarships and three times of high-level scientific research achievements awards of Nanchang University during the period of studying.

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  • Source : Nanchang University
  • Date : 2018-06-04