Wang Jianbin Research Team Issuing Research Result on Cell Research

Recently, Wang Jianbin Scientific Research Team issued a research thesis titled Phosphorylation of glutaminase by PKCε is essential for its enzymatic activity and critically contributes to tumorigenesis on Cell Research (subordinate journal of Nature, impact factor 15.6,, which reveals that PKCεis of great importance on enzymatic activity of glutaminase, and plays a vital role in tumorigenesis, and has been found that high-level GAC phosphorylation is related to the survival rates of patients with lung cancer. All these findings put emphasis on the mechanism of activating GAC with phosphorylation which was not be approved before, and prove that targeted GAC activity may retain the cancerogenic transform. It is the first time that Nanchang University issued article on Cell Research as the first unit. And this research result has comparatively major application value in clinic.

Professor Wang Jianbin (the third one from the right) is doing a sample experiment to students, and Han Tianyu (the second from the left) is the first author of the thesis.

Professor Wang Jianbin has worked in Nanchang University from Cornell University in 2010, undertaken dean of School of Basic Medical Sciences and president of Biomedicine Research Institute in 2017. Professor Wang Jianbin Research Team successively issued over 10 SCI theses. Professor Wang Jianbin formerly issued a cover article (Wang et al., Cancer Cell, 2010) on Cancer Cell (impact factor 27.5), revealing the important function of glutaminase in the process of tumor metablism, and the thesis issued on Cell Research this time is a further study on control mechanism of glutaminase in tumour cell, and provides a new thinking for tumor treatment.

  • Source : Nanchang University
  • Date : 2018-03-28