New Research Progress Made for the Cooperation between Young Teacher Doctor Tang Qingwen from School of Science and the USA

(School of Science) Recently, Physical Review Letters (PRL) and Physical Review D (PRD) published the important discovery of young teacher Doctor Tang Qingwen from School of Science and his cooperator in the aspect of solar magnetic field and its high-energy gamma radiation

Doctor Tang Qingwen discovered the new features of solar magnetic field after nine-year analysis of Fermi satellite data under the cooperation with The Ohio State University, like the magnetic field distribution in different solar active period. The achievement was published on PRL, Doctor Tang Qingwen as joint corresponding author, Nanchang University as unit of corresponding author, and the paper was also specially reported by popular science magazines like Scientific American, Physics Today, Science News, and etc. Doctor Tang Qingwen published special spectral structure of the sun in 30-50 GeV (gigaelectronvolt) on PRD as the first author and corresponding author, and the paper was specially reported by popular science magazine New Scientist.  

Tang Qingwen started to work in our University after obtaining Doctor’s Degree of Astrophysics in Nanjing University in 2015, having presided over one national science foundation and three natural foundations at provincial or ministerial level, obtained one surface project of China Scholarship Council, published 10 papers on international physical and astronomical journals (Nature Astronomy, PRL, PRD, ApJ, and etc. Chinese Academy of Sciences JCR Area 1 Top) taking Nanchang University as undersigned unit, the first author or corresponding author in 6 of them.

  • Source : Nanchang University
  • Date : 2018-08-28