Rise and Decline of World Powers and Cultural Element of China’s Powerful and Prosperous Path

Report Title:  Rise and Decline of World Powers and Cultural Element of China’s Powerful and Prosperous Path
Time: At 15:00pm on November 22 (Wednesday)
Place: Humanities Building B230
Lecturer: Gan Xiaoqing
Hosted by Social Science Division, School of Humanities

Profile of Lecturer:
Gan Xiaoqing, male, is doctor in major of Applied Mathematics of Tsinghua University, postdoctor in major of Management Science and Engineering of Fudan University; level two professor, doctoral supervisor; visiting scholar in France. He undertook the position of vice president of Nanchang University in October 1998; in March 2007, was transferred to Jiujiang University to undertake the position of president; in January 2016, was member of Jiangxi Provincial People's Congress Standing Committee, vice director of Environment and Resource Protection Committee. And he undertook the additional post of member of Confucius Institute Headquarters (Hanban) Teaching Guiding Committee, member of Department of Science and Technology Management of Ministry of Education, member of International Confucian Association, director-general of Jiangxi Systems Engineering Society. Professor Gan Xiaoqings teaching and scientific research domain covers: research on management science and engineering, cultural inheritance and innovation; he successively presides and completes 8 national natural science fund projects and national humanities & social sciences fund projects, and many international cooperation projects and ministerial and provincial -level scientific research task, and his many achievements won prizes. Especially in recent years, he led the academic group to develop China classic axiomatization explanation research, published many works, and strove to explore a realization path for modern transformation of Confucianism.