Internationalization of Legal Profession

Report Title: Internationalization of Legal Profession

Time: At 15:00pm on November 10 (Friday)

Place: Law Building A234

Lecturer: Lesley Hitchens

Hosted by Social Science Division, School of Law, Legislation Research Center of Nanchang University, Rule of Law Jiangxi Construction Research Center

Profile of Lecturer:
Lesley Hitchens is the Dean of Law School of University of Technology Sydney, member of Legal Profession Admission Committee of New South Wales, member of Admission Committee of Legal Service Commission, academician of Australian Law School. Lesley once served as visiting professor in University of Manchester and Birkbeck College, holding several research grants, having participated in Russian media reform project, and made contributions to the development of media law research of Hungary. Lesley has worked as a business lawyer in Sydney and London for seven years, with rich experience in theory and practice.