Tamed EM for neutral SDDEs

Title:Tamed EM for neutral SDDEs
Lecturer: Department of Mathematics of Swansea University Yuan Chenggui   Professor, Doctoral Supervisor
Date: April 11, 2018  15:00-17:00
Place: A513 Multi-functional Hall of Science Building
Profile of Lecturer:
   Doctor Yuan Chenggui obtained Bachelor’s Degree in Mathematics and Mathematics Education in Central China Normal University in 1985, obtained Master’s Degree in Mathematics in Beijing Normal University in 1988, and obtained Doctor’s Degree in Mathematics in Central South University in 1994. Doctor Yuan successively worked as teaching assistant, lecturer, associate research fellow in Wuhan University, Central South University and University of Cambridge from 1988 to 2004; he has been working as lecturer, associate professor and professor in Swansea University since 2004 till now. Professor Yuan’s research fields involve stochastic hybrid system control, the stability of SDE and SPDE, numerical analysis of SDE, financial mathematics, population dynamics, and etc. Up to now, Professor Yuan has published more than 80 academic theses and four academic treatises. His two articles published in Journal of Mathematical Analysis and Applications and Automatica are two of 25 articles mostly retrieved in ScienceDirect database.

Department of Mathematics of School of Sciences of Nanchang University

Science and Technology Division of Nanchang University

April 2018