Culture of Classic Courtyard

Report Title:Culture of Classic Courtyard

Time: At 9:00am on November 22 (Wednesday)

Place: Kandinsky Hall of School of Art and Design

Lecturer: Guo Liwen

Hosted by Social Science Division, School of Art and Design

Profile of Lecturer:

Guo Liwen, style name: Moyao, a native of Jishui, Jiangxi, was born in a landscape architecture family in 1977, domestic senior landscape ancient architecture scholar, horticulturist, ecologist, artist, miniature garden artist, graduated from Orientalism Art Department of Nanchang University in 1999, engaged in advanced studies in Department of Philosophy of Peking University with systematic learning of Sinology Culture, deep research on essence of culture of Confucianism, Buddhism and Taoism in classic landscape architecture, then learned from Sun Xiaoxiang, Father of China Landscape Architecture, and applied three realms (habitat, picturesque scene and artistic conception)