Lecture:Biscuit Porcelain before Glazing and Rubble Wall on Street--An archaeological study of Jizhou Kiln

Lecturer: Zhang Wenjiang, Researcher at Jiangxi Provincial Institute of Cultural Relics and Archaeology

Date: November 29, 2019

Time: 19:00 -- 19:00

Venue: Room 230, Humanities Building, Qianhu Campus

Organizer: National Academy of Traditional Chinese Studies, NCU

Profile of the Lecturer:

Zhang Wenjiang, professor of Museology at Jiangxi Cultural Relics and Archaeology Institute, adjunct professor of Humanities Department of Xiamen University, extramural tutor of master students of Faculty of History, Nankai University. He became the candidate for Jianngxi "countless Talents Project” in 2015 and selected cultural experts of Jiangxi in2016. He is the executive director of the 6th Council of the Society of ancient ceramics of China, the deputy secretary-general of the society of archaeology of Jiangxi, the member of the Cultural Relic Identification Group of Jiangxi, the editorial committee of "Southern Cultural Relics" , and the editorial committee of "Ceramic Archaeology Newsletter". He preside the archaeological excavation project of South Kiln in Jingdezhen, which won the top ten new archaeological discoveries in 2013, and participated in the National Social Science Fund Project and the State Administration of Cultural Heritage Project. He published "Hongzhou Kiln Works" , "Chinese historical famous kiln--Hongzhou Kiln" , "The site of Fengcheng Hongzhou kiln" , "The site of Jingdezhen Hutian Kiln" , "Jiangxi ancient ceramic cultural line" and dozens of papers and reports.


The connotation, features and historical evolution of Jizhou Kiln; the archaeological excavation and research of Jizhou Kiln; the status and influence of Jizhou Kiln in the history of ceramics.