Lecture 99 of Academic Salon at Noon—Dr. Wang Jun

Academic Salon at Noon

(Lecture 99)

Design and Preparation of Cellular Material and Its Functional Application

Lecturer: Dr. Wang Jun

Time: 12:30 June 7, 2018 (Thursday)

Place: Conference Room of Institute for Advanced Study (ArchitecturalEngineeringBuilding1210)

[Report Introduction] Cellular material maintains a hotspot of scientific research for the features of huge specific surface area, large pore volume, adjustable pore size and surface chemistry easy to be modified. In recent years, cellular material has been widely used in gas absorption separation, sewage purification treatment and catalyst support, etc. The report introduces the application of cellular material in different fields, including CO2 capture and storage, low carbon hydrocarbon separation and purification, removal of heavy metal ion in sewage as well as electrochemical energy storage material. Therefore, the report will also introduce the new development tendency and new hotspots of cellular material.

[Lecturer Introduction] Wang Jun, Doctor, distinguished professor, academic leader, now works in School of Resources Environmental & Chemical Engineering of Nanchang University. Dr. Wang was graduated from Department of Chemical Engineering of Zhejiang University with bachelor’s degree, graduated from Department of Chemical Engineering of New Mexico State University in the USA with doctor’s degree, and completed the post-doctoral research work in ArizonaStateUniversity. The research orientation is the design and preparation of new-type cellular material and its application in the field of environmental protection and energy. Dr. Wang published more than 30 SCI papers, with more than 300 citations, and applied for 5 patents.