Guarantee Mechanism for Financial Stability in China: Rule of Law and Top-level Design

Report Title: Guarantee Mechanism for Financial Stability inChina: Rule of Law and Top-level Design

Time: At 19:00pm on October 19 (Thursday)


Lecturer: Chang Jian

Hosted by Social Science Division,School of Law,Legislation Research Center of Nanchang University, Rule ofLaw Jiangxi Construction Research Center

Profile of Lecturer:

Chang Jian, male, a native of Jiyuan of Henan, born on February 18, 1976, Doctor of Law of Renmin University of China; Postdoctor of China University of Political Science and Law, currently takes the position of Professor and Deputy Dean ofSchoolofLawofCentralChinaNormalUniversity. He has published nearly 70 papers in academic publications like The Jurist, Studies in Law and Business, Law Review, Science of Law, Modern Law Science, and etc., published 5 academic works, presided over 1 China PhD, Ministry of Education Humanities and Social Science project, a country under the rule of law and legal theory research project of Ministry of Justice, major project of philosophy and social science research of Hubei Provincial Department of Education, and more than ten projects.