Judicial Logic of Stock Equity Transfer

Report Title: Judicial Logic of Stock Equity Transfer

Time: At 08:30am on October 20 (Friday)


Lecturer: Liang Kaiyin

Hosted by Social Science Division,SchoolofLaw,LegislationResearchCenterofNanchangUniversity, Rule ofLawJiangxiConstructionResearchCenter

Profile of Lecturer:

Liang Kaiyin, male, a native of Xiantao of Hubei, born in December 1966, professor of Zhejiang Normal University (the first batch of “Shuanglong Scholar” enjoying special post allowance for professors), mainly engaged in the teaching and scientific research of such subjects as international investment law, company law, and etc. Director of Chinese Research Society of International Economic Law. In recent years, he has published three academic monographs like Study on Bilateral Investment Treaty of China, and one provincial-level key textbook, Company Law; presided over two national social science funds, three humanities and social sciences planning projects of Ministry of Education, and three provincial social science planning projects; published over 40 academic papers in academic journals of law like China Legal Science, Studies in Law and Business, Science of Law, Law Science, Law Review, and etc.