Non-ferrous Metals and Advanced Materials Forum Boosts Integration of Industry and Innovation Chains

Non-ferrous Metals and Advanced Materials Forum Boosts Integration of Industry and Innovation Chains

In the afternoon of May 2, sponsored by the Department of Industry and Information Technology of Jiangxi Province and Nanchang University, the Summit Forum on Scientific and Technological Self-reliance and Self-improvement Boosting Industrial Development in Jiangxi- the Nonferrous Metals and Advanced Materials Sub-Forum was held in Nanchang.

Academician of Chinese Academy of Sciences Du Youwei, Academician of Chinese Academy of Sciences Zhang Qingjie, Academician of Chinese Academy of Engineering Xie Jianxin, Academician of Chinese Academy of Engineering Chai Liyuan, Secretary of Party Committee of NCU Yu Xiaoshe, Deputy Director of Jiangxi Province Department of Industry and Information Technology He Qi attended the forum. Deng Xiaohua, Vice President of the University, presided over the forum.

He Qi said in his speech that Jiangxi Province is rich in non-ferrous metal mineral resources and is an important province of non-ferrous metal resources in China. Jiangxi provincial government highly values and vigorously promotes its development of non-ferrous metals industry and advanced materials industry. With the Action Plan on Jiangxi Province's " 2 +6 +N "Industrial Quality Leapfrog Development, it is striving to make the two industries of non-ferrous metals and electronic information into a trillion dollar industry. HE hoped that people from all walks of life will enhance consensus, deepen cooperation and work together in the fields of scientific research, industrial technology, product development and industrial collaboration, so as to achieve complementary advantages, co-construction and sharing, and win-win accomplishments. We should jointly promote the high-quality development of non-ferrous metals and new materials industry in Jiangxi, so that more scientific improvement in Jiangxi can bear actual industrial fruits.

On behalf of the university, Yu Xiaoshe extended a sincere welcome to the experts and scholars and briefly introduced the reform and development of NCU. He said that the summit forum was held to accurately grasp the needs of industrial innovation development in Jiangxi, to better utilize the disciplinary innovation capacity of Nanchang University, to enable its scientific and technological achievements to enter the industrial field, and to guide scientific research to serve industrial development in accordance with the requirements of the market. The forum will effectively promote the advantageous disciplines of Nanchang University to serve the economic development of Jiangxi province, promote the implementation of the integration strategy of industry and education in Jiangxi on a regular basis, and help the materials industry bear more fruitful results.

In the academic report session of the forum, Academician Zhang Qingjie, Academician Xie Jianxin, Academician Du Youwei, and Academician Chai Liyuan successively gave reports entitled "Materials Crossover Frontier and Disruptive Innovation", "Materials Big Data Technology and Applications", "Advances and Applications of Magnetic Materials", and "The Past, Present and Future of Arsenic" respectively. These reports accurately pinpoint the needs of Jiangxi's industrial innovation development, and put forward guiding and forward-looking suggestions for the high-quality development of Jiangxi's industry by focusing on Jiangxi's non-ferrous metals and advanced materials industry, as well as on the theme of integrating the industrial chain with the innovation chain. They provide practical guidance for Nanchang University's advantageous disciplines to serve Jiangxi's economic development and to promote the implementation of Jiangxi's industry-education integration strategy on a regular basis.

Representatives of the Jiangxi Department of Industry and Information Technology, the relevant departments of Nanchang University, the enterprises, NCU alumni and the teachers and students attended the forum.