Experts and Scholars Discuss the High-quality Development of Tourism Industry in the New Era


    In the afternoon of May 2, sponsored by Nanchang University, the Summit Forum on Scientific and Technological Self-reliance and Self-improvement Boosting Industrial Development in Jiangxi- Sub-forum on High Quality Development of Tourism Industry in the New Era was held in Nanchang.

Liu Jiaqi, academician of the Chinese Academy of Sciences, Zhu Hong, former deputy director of the Standing Committee of the Provincial People's Congress, Zhang Guobao, secondary inspector of the Provincial Department of Culture and Tourism, Zou Tongqian, assistant to the President of Beijing International Studies University and Vice President of the China Society of Territorial Economists, Yan Xuyang, Deputy Secretary of the CPC Committee and Executive Vice President of the School of Tourism of Beijing Union University and editor-in-chief of the Journal of Tourism, Li Zhongguang, Vice President of the China Tourism Research Institute, Liu Yaobin, Vice President of the University, and Jiangxi Development Huang Shuijia, President of Jiangxi Development Institute, attended the forum. Wang Yuqi, former member of the Standing Committee of the CPPCC and former President of the Provincial Academy of Social Sciences, presided over the forum.

Zhang Guobao said in his speech that Jiangxi is a land full of humanities and natural treasures and has abundant tourism resources. Under the correct leadership and promotion of the Jiangxi Provincial Party Committee and the Provincial People's Government, Jiangxi vigorously implements the strategy of a strong tourist province, accelerates the construction system of a strong cultural province and a strong tourist province, comprehensively implements the culture and tourism industry chain's "chain chief system", and continuously enhances the creativity, communication, influence and comprehensive competitiveness of culture industry and tourism. It is hoped that through this forum, Jiangxi will join hands with experts and scholars to help the development of Nanchang University, promote the deep integration and development of culture and tourism with economy, science, and finance, so as to write a new chapter of Jiangxi cultural tourism industry together.

On behalf of Nanchang University, Liu Yaobin expressed sincere welcome to the participating experts and scholars, and briefly introduced the development of tourism discipline of Nanchang University. He stated that Nanchang University attaches great importance to the integration of industry-teaching-research, always serves the high-quality development of tourism in Jiangxi, and is committed to cultivating high-end applied tourism business management talents to serve national and local economic and social development. and that this forum is one of the important activities of NCU's 100th anniversary. He hoped that through the forum, the university will start a new journey of building a world-class university, accurately grasp the innovative development needs of tourism industry in Jiangxi, better enhance the innovation capacity of disciplines, and continuously promote the high-quality development of tourism industry in Jiangxi.

In the academic report session of the forum, Academician Liu Jialin, Professor Zhu Hong, Professor Zou Tongqian, Professor Yan Xuyang, Professor Li Zhongguang and Professor Huang Xijia made speeches themed "Symbiotic Development of Natural Resources and Tourism", "Ten Opinions on High-Quality Development of Tourism in Jiangxi", "National Cultural Park Development Strategy and Its Implications for Jiangxi", "Innovation Leading High-Quality Development of Tourism Industry", "Basic Research Project for High-Quality Development", "Red Tourism New Stage, New Concept and New Pattern of Development" respectively. These speeches accurately grasped the needs of Jiangxi's industrial innovation development, provided guiding and forward-looking suggestions for the high-quality development of tourism industry, and offered practical guidance for Nanchang University to promote Jiangxi's industry-education integration strategy on a regular basis.

 In the round-table forum, experts and scholars had a lively and in-depth discussion on how Jiangxi can achieve both environmental protection and economic development in the context of cultural industry and tourism integration.