Opening of Shangrao Hospital Affiliated to Nanchang University


The signing and opening ceremony for Shangrao Hospital Affiliated to Nanchang University was held in Shangrao Peoples Hospital recently. Deputy Secretary of Shangrao Municipal Party Committee and Mayor Chen Yun and President of NCU Zhou Chuangbing unveiled the nameplate of the hospital together. Deputy Mayor of Shangrao City Zheng Shaowei presided over the ceremony.

People in charge of Faculty of Medicine of NCU and Shangrao People’s Hospital signed the Agreement on Nanchang University and Shangrao People’s Hospital Jointly Building “Shangrao Hospital Affiliated to Nanchang University on behalf of both parties. According to the agreement, both parties will actively explore the mode for university and local industry cooperation, carry out all-round cooperation in terms of the cultivation of medical talents, scientific research, subject construction, and etc., boost the coordinated development of medicine, teaching and research of Shangrao People’s Hospital, optimize the layout of medical education of Nanchang University, and make contributions to building a healthy Jiangxi.

People in charge of such units attended the ceremony as Health Committee of Shangrao City, Shangrao People’s Hospital, Party and Government Office of NCU, Department of Development Planning and Subject Construction of NCU, Faculty of Medicine of NCU, and etc.