One Hundred Years of History Showcases NCU's Glory of One Century

With bright smiles and cheerful steps, the campus is filled with a festive atmosphere. On the occasion of the 100th anniversary of Nanchang University, a series of exhibitions are fully opened to show the history and development achievements of Nanchang University to the alumni.

Walking into the brand new school history museum, alumni could see the historical scroll slowly unfolding in front of their eyes. Following the introduction of the interpreter, they seemed to have taken a time machine and traveled back in time, witnessing step by step the historical glory of the NCU's 100 years of school operation.

The Culture and Innovation Museum is a venue full of technological and cultural vibe, displaying the innovative and entrepreneurial achievements of the university and various campus cultural products. The alumni lingered here and praised the students' creativeness.

In the spacious and bright indoor gym, an exhibition of the University' s development achievements was being held. Through the exhibition panels and physical displays, alumni got a comprehensive and clear understanding of the university's development achievements in the fields of talent training, scientific research and international exchange and cooperation, as well as a glimpse of the unique works of calligraphy andpainting.

"Saving lives and helping the injured are our unwavering missions!" The alumni were deeply touched by the exhibition boards in front of the Medical Development Achievement Exhibition. Every picture, text, and set of data on the exhibition boards showed the spirit of medical students' unremitting struggle, uncompromising mission, hard work and enterprising spirit.

The alumni of NCU come from different countries, share different skin colors or have different faces, but they all showed the same smile. Even if they are separated by mountains and waters, the unbreakable affection between them and their alma mater is hard to forget. Open to the world the world, Nanchang University will always be a warm home to them.

In front of the development achievement exhibition boards set up by each college, many alumni were taking pictures to record the intimate moments with their alma mater.