Announcement on the 100th Anniversary Celebration of Nanchang University (No.2)

Being a hundred years old educational institution, Nanchang University has a long and profound history. Our researchers have pushed the boundaries of endeavour both in ethics and academic education. Our graduates–enriched by all that we have to offer–have made their mark around the world. The released announcement of the 100th Anniversary Celebration of Nanchang University on May 26, 2020, generated enthusiastic response from the alumni at home and abroad. Many took the opportunity to participate in the Global Nanchang University Flag Relay Campaign ''Marching Forward with a Hundred Year’s Inheritance'' carried out among Nanchang University Alumni Associations of different places, expressing their warm wishes for their alma mater. The preparations for the celebration are progressing in an orderly manner while receiving strong support not only from the alumni, faculty members and students but also people from all sectors of society. We hereby announce as follows:

I.The guiding spirit of the 100th Anniversary Celebration. We should hold high the banner of Xi Jinping Thought on New-Era Chinese Socialism, and adhere to the aim of the anniversary celebration which is “passing on a century of cultural essence, highlighting the achievements of Nanchang University; gathering educational resources and empowering a promising future”; the theme of the anniversary celebration is “Inheriting one hundred years of legacy from the past, the original aspiration should never be forgotten; holding a bold vision of the future on the path, the fundamental mission of education will always be remembered.” While the principle of making the celebration a “festive, solemn, moderate, and confident” one is upheld, the unique position of the celebration, which is celebrating for humanity, academy and alumni, should also be highlighted. The centennial anniversary is a rare opportunity for us to promote the spirit of shared academic community, showcase the university’s historical achievements, and present the image of an innovative and progressive educational institution. It is at the same time a major boost for the senses of pride, mission and responsibility of the faculty members, students and alumni, thus consolidating Nanchang University’s pioneering role among the universities co-constructed by the Chinese Ministry of Education and the provincial governments, securing the University a front-row seat in the construction of the national “Double First-Class” Initiative of China,and at last but not least, setting the scene for our new journey towards a World First-class university.

II.The event arrangements on the Anniversary Celebration Day and during the Celebration Month. Factoring the usual practice, weather, transportation, and teaching plans into consideration while taking the convenient timing for alumni around the world to attend the events into account, the university has designated May 2021 as the Celebration Month and May 2 as the Celebration Day. On the occasion, we will hold a series of academic and cultural activities such as the 100th Anniversary Celebration and Development Conference of Nanchang University, academic exchange seminars, high-end forums, and the Evening Gala. Alumni from home and abroad are all welcome to return and join us in the grand occasion.

III.The official website featuring the 100th Anniversary Celebration. On May 26, 2020, the website featuring the 100th Anniversary Celebration was officially put on-line, to which the link is on Nanchang University’s official website homepage.The content of the website is set to show the history of Nanchang University, its characteristics, achievements of development, historical moments and the features on alumni. It follows a series of celebration activities and serves as a platform for strengthening the exchanges and interactions with alumni across the globe. It is hoped that members of the Nanchang University community and people from all sectors of the society will record, share, and submit personal stories relating to their experience with the University onto the website as a way of showing your active support. The website link is:

Ⅳ. Collection of materials and items relating to the history of Nanchang University.In order to carry forward the tradition, reflect on experiences, and exhibit achievements of Nanchang University so that we can better stride a brighter future, we have started the preparation of the History Museum of Nanchang University. Therefore, we are now gathering relevant documents, pictures, videos and other forms of physical materials worth collecting and are meaningful, suitable for exhibition from the alumni and all walks of life in the society. (Materials and items regarding Former Jiangxi Public Medical College, Jiangxi Provincial Medical College, National Chung Cheng University, Jiangxi University, Jiangxi Institute of Technology, Jiangxi University of Technology, Jiangxi Medical College, etc. are all included.) We cordially expect members from our community and people from all sectors of the society to donate relevant historical materials or items to the University or temporarily lend them for the exhibition. For more details, please check the official website of the 100th Anniversary Celebration.

Ⅴ.The ten major projects of the 100th Anniversary Celebration of Nanchang University. To find a better way to gather resources for empowering the future, the master plan for the celebration has covered a total of ten major projects, including Huankui Academy, Museum of Alumni, Hall of Chinese Classics, Library of Medics, scholarship funded by alumni and etc. We hope that through multichannel, multi-type and multilevel fundraising activities, the development of the university will be further boosted. At the same time, a series of donation projects such as the "Gift for the 100th Anniversary" special fund for the University’s anniversary celebration have been established. (For more details, please log in to the donation platform of Nanchang University Education Development Foundation, the website is:; Nanchang University Education Development Foundation official WeChat account: ncujjh) Since the start of the preparation for the 100th Anniversary celebration, various alumni have made donations to the alma mater in different ways to support the future construction and development of Nanchang University. We hereby would like to express our heartfelt gratitude and extend our utmost respect to the alumni, people from all walks of life, faculty members, students, and various enterprises, institutions, organizations and individuals who have made selfless donations for the development of Nanchang University.

Ⅵ. The ten major events of the 100th Anniversary Celebration of Nanchang University.To highlight the unique position of the occasion which is a celebration for humanity, academy and alumni, the University has planned to hold a series of events starting from the preparatory phase, namely the Nanchang University Centennial Anniversary Press Conferences, the 100th Anniversary Celebration and Development Conference of Nanchang University, the 100th Anniversary Celebration Evening Gala, Comprehensive Achievement Exhibition of Nanchang University's One-hundred Year History, International Academic Exchanges and Education Forum, Summit Forum on Jiangxi Provincial Industry-Education Integration Strategic Alliance, “A Talk with Prestigious Alumni” Serial Seminars, the Contract Signing Ceremony for Major Projects, the Co-construction and Shared-cooperation Ceremony of Famous Cities and Universities, Nanchang University "Marching Forward with a Dream" Oath-taking Ceremony. In this promising season, we joyfully embrace the coming of 100th anniversary. Nanchang University sincerely invites all alumni and distinguished guests from all sectors of society to pay a visit personally. Let us exchange thoughts and ideas, celebrate our friendships, seek for shared progress and build a bright future in joint efforts!

It is hereby announced to all those concerned. We sincerely look forward to your active support and participation.

Nanchang University

Nov 9, 2020