The 7th China International College Students’ ‘Internet +’ Innovation and Entrepreneurship Competition is Coming Soon

On July 28, Jiangxi Preparations Coordinating Group for the 7th China International College Students’ ‘Internet +’ Innovation and Entrepreneurship Competition held a meeting to facilitate the competition in Nanchang.

It is the duty of Jiangxi as the host province to organize the competition successfully, and the Jiangxi Preparations Coordinating Group shall fully implement the requirements put forward by the Ministry of Education (MOE) for holding the competition, said the relevant leader holding office at the provincial government. According to the leader, in order to host such an international competition featured with joint development, sharing and Chinese-foreign exchanges in Jiangxi, the cadres of the province shall raise the political stance to organize this competition with a high sense of responsibility. Departments and units at all levels shall further strengthen communication and collaboration with each other, fully fulfill the duty, and form a pattern of working together, so as to ensure that all aspects of the competition can be carried out successfully and that everyone spares no effort to organize the competition.

Wu Yan, Director-general of the MOE’s Department of Higher Education, pointed out that we are in the countdown to the national finals for the competition. It is now less than 100 days before the opening day of the competition, and the current stage is the window phase, construction period as well as the period for quality improvement, said Wu Yan. According to him, the meeting is held to discuss the general plan of the competition, carry out the work arrangement of the competitions organizing committee, once again make clear the responsibilities of each participating department, coordinate and facilitate the tasks of each participating department, and ensure the success of the competition in all respects.

By July 27, 5.94 million students from 3890 universities/colleges of 109 countries/regions have applied for the competition. According to Wu Yan, this is the worlds largest innovation and entrepreneurship event that involves thousands of universities/colleges from more than one hundred countries, which will offer the world a good opportunity to have a new understanding of Chinas higher education and Chinese youths. High demands are set for the preparations for the competition to show the world a brilliant Jiangxi, a charming Nanchang, a promising Nanchang University and an amazing international innovation and entrepreneurship event.

The person-in-charge from the Education Working Committee of the Provincial Party Committee said that the fact that Jiangxi has won the right to host this competition not only shows the support and trust in Jiangxi, but also reflects the encouragement and affirmation of the achievements and effectiveness of comprehensive reform of higher education and innovation and entrepreneurship education reform in Jiangxi, which is an important opportunity for Jiangxi higher education to catch up and improve. Hence we must make every effort to hold a high-level and distinctive competition.

The person-in-charge from the provincial education department said that the preparations for the competition are now being carried out in an orderly and steady manner. The provincial Party committee and the provincial government attach great importance to the preparations for the competition. In January 2020, the Jiangxi Preparations Coordinating Group was specially formed. In July this year, the group held 3 meetings to further clarify the division of tasks among participating departments and units and implement the MOEs Ten Requirements on the preparations. The leading group of education work of the Provincial Party Committee has recently discussed the preparations for the competition specifically. Meanwhile, great importance is also attached to the preparations of colleges and universities in the province, and a fever of everyone participating in the competition has been set out in colleges and universities in the province.

It is the first time since the competition was held that it is hosted by a local university, which is both a challenge and an opportunity for Nanchang University. President Zhou Chuangbing of Nanchang University said that the university will hold an all-around innovation and entrepreneurship event integrating competition, activities and exhibitions for young university/college students around the world with the whole universitys efforts.