Logo for 100th Anniversary of Nanchang University released



Being a hundred years old educational institution, Nanchang University has a long and profound history. Our researchers have pushed the boundaries of endeavour both in ethics and academic education. Our graduates–enriched by all that we have to offer–have made their mark around the world. In June 2020, Nanchang University issued a call for the logo of its 100th anniversary, which has received strong support from the faculty members, students, alumni, and people from all walks of life. A total of 90 works were submitted, of which 70 were designed by teachers, students and alumni, and 20 by people in all social circles.

After multiple rounds of review, teacher-student discussions, and consultations with alumni representatives, the University eventually selected the 100th anniversary logo designed by Li Jianping, alumnus who graduated in 1999 from the major of Industrial Decoration and Design, Industrial Design Department. Hereby the final version of the logo is released after refinements.

The overall shape of the logo is based on the architectural image of the front gate at the major campus of Nanchang University, Qianhu. Incorporating the Arabic numeral "100", it vividly and accurately presents the unique theme of the 100th anniversary of Nanchang University with the words "1921-2021" indicating its one-century-long journey.The logo adopts a color of Chinese red, which not only highlights the festive atmosphere of the 100-year anniversary, but also reflects the profound revolutionary background of Nanchang University, as it’s deeply rooted in Jiangxi, a land that gave birth to countless patriotic heroes in the past hundred years. Nanchang University inherits the gene of revolution and nurtures talents of the new era.

The arch design adopts a freehand outline from small to large, far to near, and curve to upward arc, symbolizing the long path Nanchang University has gone through that is full of twists and difficulties yet always towards a brighter and better future. The double-one arch structure contains good wishes for Nanchang University to become a "double first-class" university. The creative design of the three pillars reflects the development process of merging the former Jiangxi Medical College, Jiangxi University, and Jiangxi University of Technology to form Nanchang University.