Online Opening Ceremony for Tourism Confucius Institute at Udayana University was Successfully Held

The Online Opening Ceremony for Tourism Confucius Institute at Udayana University(TCI) jointly established by Nanchang University, Nanchang Normal University and Udayana University was held at Nanchang University and Udayana University at the same time on the morning of April 8, 2021.

Zhu Xinglong, Consul General of the Consulate General of China in Denpasar, Zhao Lingshan, Vice Chairman and Secretary General of Chinese International Education Foundation, Chen Xin, Inspector of Jiangxi Provincial Department of Education, Zhou Chuangbing, President of Nanchang University, Wang Jinping, Secretary of Party Committee of Nanchang Normal University, Representative of Deputy Governor of Bali, and A.A.Raka Sedewi, President of Udayana University delivered speeches respectively, extending warm congratulations on the establishment of Tourism Confucius Institute at Udayana University. Zhu Xinglong and A.A.Raka Sedewi jointly unveiled the nameplate of the Confucius Institute and wrote inscription for the memorial.

The establishment of the Tourism Confucius Institute at Udayana University was officially approved at the International Chinese Language Education Conference held in December 2019, and the operation was initiated in the first half of 2020. Since the startup, it has offered various kinds of Chinese language training programs for teachers and students in Udayana University and working stuff of local customs, immigration office, foreign-related hospitals and hotels, travel agencies, and etc. The Tourism Confucius Institute at Udayana University is the 4th overseas Confucius Institute set up by NCU , and the overseas Confucius Institutes will give full play to their roles as a bridges to facilitate our all-round cooperation with the foreign partners in all fields inculding students and facutly exchange, joint research and discipline construction and etc., to step up the pace for building NCU a world first-class university.

Relevant leaders and personnel in charge of relevant departments of three cooperative parties, Chinese and foreign Diretors and representatives of students and teachers of TCI, and Chinese and foreign Directors of other 7 Confucius Institutes set up in Indonesia attended the online opening ceremony.